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story time!

Crazy-funny-dumb-weird Loki stories; c'mon, you know you have one.

Here's one of my favorites:

My younger sister and I went to see Harry Potter PoA just a couple weeks after it's theater release; we went to one of those cool AMC theaters with the nice chairs and stadium seating. Even at the late show the place was packed. Loki often tags along when I go to the movies and sometimes we've just gone together. Though some movies he likes, I think he mostly just likes the whole experience with the people and sticky floors n such. Anyway.

Like I said, the place was packed. My sister and I waited in line and managed to find some empty seats up near the back and, luck of luck, the seat to my right was also empty; for whatever reason Loki likes to sit on my right, so he just hopped over and I felt him sit down.

The theater kept filling up and people kept shuffling around to make room. As the previews started, I looked down through the rows of seats and didn't see a single one empty. Behind me the seats were also full. I think the only "empty" seat was the one next to me.

He loved the movie and got very excited about the flying scene.

What about your story? Tell!
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