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Welcome All!

Welcome to my humble little community, devoted to Loki! I'm actually rather surprised anyone found this community, as its been here for quite a few months with no members. Thank you all for joining!! :D

Truthfully, I rather forgot I had this community. I'm glad you're here and posting! Anyway, to get to why I created this community.

Originally it had been created as a way for me to meet others interested in the Norse mythology. I've never been the religious sort, not really. Then again, all I'd ever known was Christianity growing up. Only later on in life did I find other types of religion. I've always been fascinated with these other religions, including Wiccan.

Not to say that I'm either a Lokean or a Wiccan...I think I'm too new and still unsure of what I want. Anyway, this community is more of a way for people to explore what they are, what they believe in or what they want to believe in. Of course, I had to pick Loki because he absolutely fascinates me. He always has, really. He's always seemed to me to be the type of deity that is misunderstood.

I could never understand how his character could change so drastically within the mythos. At one point he is this figure that isn't even close to evil, but very mischievous. Towards the end, of course, he seems to turn extremely evil. The Christianization of the Norse mythology has always rather irked me.

Why must there be an absolutely evil being among the mythos? I don't suppose I shall ever understand that. Ah well.

Well, welcome to community! I look forward to talking to all of you, discussing all things Loki ;)
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