heyjudas (heyjudas) wrote in lokiworshippers,

What's a Lokean anyway ?

Heh I have no idea if you guys even _are_ Loki worshippers, or merely curious onlookers - it wouldn't be true to say that I was; simply that right now Loki's my favourite god, and the archeytype through whom I find it most useful to look at life.

I only ever met one RL Loki Worshipper, who identified herself as a Priestess of Loki. She's american, perhaps his cult is stronger over the ocean. I'm not sure; she never really elaborated on what it meant to her although she was keen to hear my theories. She didn't manage to get her vias renewed so I haven't seen her in a year and, being me, lost her email address.

There's the whole Norse revival/reinvention thing in Asautru; but although there's devotees of many gods among them Loki seems under-represented. Perhaps with reason ? For me though he has a kind of life seperate from his Norse roots, as if he were a bit of gum I left in my mind who has since acreted many ideas that he was always going to have sympathy with. As an avatar of change, he's the perfect god for a changing and unstable world.

I'm very much with Jung and Campbell ( or at least my understanding of them, I'm probably just reading whatever I want into what they've written ) - that as people we're made of stories, that stories have a powerful effect on the way we think. As our result, our stories reflect who we our, and our mythologies are oracles to our subconscious. The gods then are archetypes of things that are within us, both harbingers of strenghts and warnings of weaknessess.

So I want to explore more of Loki because I want to be freer to enact change; I want to use my own reserves of cunning and foolishness; to be a catalyst of change in others. I want to have _fun_

There's an idea too that each archeytype has within it the shadow of it's opposite, or the potential for that shadow. I couldnt' say if that's true or not, but I find it very interesting that Loki is at his best when travelling with Thor, and vice-versa. Thor with his strenght, straight-fowardness and reliabilty; it's as if somehow he mitigates for Loki's irationality and troublemaking, and Loki protects Thor from Thor's adherance the Status Quo. It's the union of the outsider and the populist.

So folks, what's your interest in Loki spring from ?
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